Enterprise culture

our business philosophy:

quality first provides high quality products is a major cornerstone of foster source philosophy. We know that quality is the life of the company, is the Foundation of our growth. Today, in an increasingly competitive market, businesses are to survive, develop and grow, mainly rely on the quality of the products. Product quality is an eternal theme for enterprise, for a professional makers, product is the character, there is no perfect product quality and production capacity to adapt, companies without prospects and living space. To the quality of survival, to the quality and development of each of our employees is working toward, on the premise of ensuring product quality and to product schedule, meet the needs of users.
customer first is the second cornerstone of Fuji source business philosophy, "customer first" and "quality is life" is closely related to and mutually reinforcing. Quality is a "customer first" in the meaning, and wholeheartedly for the sake of customers is "quality first" natural extension. For the sake of customers, established close cooperation relationship with customers of the spirit, we are free of charge for customers sending data, free of charge to customers playing board. We can according to customer's different requirements, whatever offers a wide variety of other services. Meanwhile, we also wish to state that we believe are reasonable customer demands, projects or customers, put forward some reasonable proposals. Such a relationship is the real, positive, constructive relationship.

our spirit:

we advocate self-reliance we advocate unity
we encourage learning advances our mission is to protect the service
the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedication, diligence industry, service industry

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