Global market glut of rubber sheet

Now most of the rubber sheet is a synthesis or traits, natural rubber panels are less thin welcome, so oversupply is very serious. The fundamental factors of supply and demand fundamentals are commodity price trends. By analyzing the Association of natural rubber producing countries (ANRPC) published data, we found that the oversupply of natural rubber in the world market situation is still very serious.
ANRPC apparent yield is lower than actual. Thailand to provide the ANRPC data production in January-May this year, Indonesia has not offers, thus obtained from the ANRPC member countries of the Association of production data lower than the reality. Based on historical averages, we estimate June 1 – September ANRPC production at 2013-7.8454 million tons, average of 7.3926 million tons (ANRPC data-4.0904 million tonnes). Apparent low export volume of
ANRPC. ANRPC believes that despite weak demand from major economies slowed the pace of recovery in exports of natural rubber, but not enough to have a significant impact.
in our view, because Thailand, Indonesia does not provide complete export data to the ANRPC, ANRPC reported total exports of member countries of the Association of data with the actual difference. Based on historical averages, we find that apart from in January this year,, ANRPC months export projections are higher than the five-year average. June 1-September export volumes in 2013-6.2678 million tons, estimated value of 6.0714 million tons (ANRPC data-4.2534 million tonnes).
matched to actual imports. 2013 Member States of the Association of natural rubber imports 4.888 million tons for the year, and last year inched up 1. our adjusted data show, ANRPC imports level similar to published data. In January-September of this year Member States total imports valued at 3.7141 million tons (ANRPC data 3.7085 million tons).
ANRPC consumption was slightly lower. Member States of the Association of natural rubber in the major consuming countries are China, India, and Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Cambodia. Because of Indonesia's monthly consumption, yet to be released this year, Sri Lanka has only 1-5 months of consumption data, based on historical averages, we estimate ANRPC1-9 month consumed about 4.9265 million tons (ANRPC data-4.5421 million tonnes).
ANRPC inventory has not been published. Since ending inventory are point data, and judging from the published data, this year's ending stocks is much higher than in previous years, according to the seasonal pattern in the past five years ending inventory, we estimate September Association of ANRPC members ending inventory to 1.176 million-1.3838 million tons (ANRPC data 279,300 tons), up over the limits. Of them, Thailand the ending inventory level range expected in the 580,000-730,000 tons.
inventory-defined September ANRPC ending inventory at the 1.22 million-1.365 million tonnes, and we estimate the ending inventory level is very close. Visible, adjusted data are more consistent with the actual situation. BACK
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