Development of natural rubber industry in China

After more than 60 years of development and construction of natural rubber industry in China has made great achievements, one is to form a more perfect system, with Chinese characteristics of natural rubber industry; the other is formed for regional environment, a natural rubber cultivation technical system of his own, natural rubber production technology has reached advanced world levels.
concrete terms, large-scale cultivation of natural rubber in China in 1978 to increase 4.515 million acres to 16.9588 million acres in 2012, dry rubber production increased from 95,000 tonnes to 802,200 tonnes, natural rubber cultivation and production, respectively ranked 3rd and 6th place in the world.
are mainly natural constraints. Hot area in China only 480,000 square kilometres, the area suitable for growing rubber is more limited, suitable for plant area of about 15 million acres of land in China by 2012, national natural rubber planting area has reached 16.9588 million acres. Our non-traditional plant areas, very low temperature in winter and spring drought, often met in summer and autumn Typhoon, natural disasters such as powdery mildew, anthracnose is more serious.
Second, the slow progress in research and breeding work. Rubber trees are perennial crops, long breeding cycle, affects the speed and variety of rubber plantation replacement coverage increase. Thirdly, the labour shortage. Natural rubber is labour-intensive industries, labour shortage now becomes an important factor restricting the development of the natural rubber industry. In addition, the market risk. In recent years both at home and abroad increase of prices of natural rubber oscillation amplitude, frequency, affecting the rubber farmers ' income steadily. When prices soared, some other cash crops of the region cut off a lot of replanting the rubber tree. Long period of non-natural rubber production and tapping intensity, strong technical, when prices plummeted, and years of neglect of pipes, rubber tree tapping appears, such as.
since the early 90 's, the world famous tire companies to invest and build factories in China, exports of tires and other rubber products industry to accelerate development, domestic consumer demand is also increasing for rubber products, China has become the world's largest consumer of natural rubber.
year, China's consumption of more than 4.1 million tons of natural rubber, 36.8% per cent of total world consumption. But domestic production is just more than 800,000 tons, to import more than 3 million tons of natural rubber (including 1.33 million tons of glue), processing the importation of about 85%.
natural rubber production is still a large potential for growth in China, as long as the consolidation of the existing planted area, strengthening the building and management, along with millions of acres of new rubber plantations were cut, grow larger in the domestic production of natural rubber, natural rubber production is expected to exceed 1 million tons in 2020 is expected to add "go out", such as, domestic natural rubber to meet the basic needs of the national economy.
the current market price is difficult for three plant in China, for example, many private rubber plantation to suspend and cut farms there have been tapping the labor shortage. After entering the 4 quarters, domestic main rubber producing areas will continue to enter the stop time, automobile tires and enter the traditional season, supply problems eased.
natural rubber as the international commodities market prices fully integrated with the international market, to work from two aspects: one is to strengthen the management of rubber plantations, improve yields, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Second is to strengthen market monitoring and early warning, through the timely implementation of measures such as state storage, business storage, ease the contradiction between supply and demand in the market. BACK
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