Composition of rubber sheet

About 2000 species of plants in the world can produce similar natural rubber polymer has been gained from 500 different kinds of rubber, but really useful is Brazil three-leaf rubber tree. Surface of rubber trees were cut open, the ducts in the bark is cut, outflow of latex from the trees. The LaTeX from rubber trees collected and diluted acid solidification, after washing and pressing, drying, packaging, which sold natural rubber made. Natural gum rubber according to different methods can be made into cigarettes, ads, crepe, technical grade rubber and LaTeX, and so on.
standard rubber or pellet gum, new varieties of natural rubber was developed in the 1960 of the 20th century. Yiqian, generic Strip, crepe, dried these traditional products regardless of classification, manufacturing methods, all limitations on the development of natural rubber. Therefore, Malaysia in 1965, the standard rubber plans, using raw physical and chemical properties classification on the basis of the development of the granules of rubber production. Standard rubber refers to mechanical impurity, initial value of plasticity retention index, plasticity, nitrogen content, method of ash content, ash content, color and other physical and chemical properties of the indexes grade rubber. Standard rubber packing advanced, generally with the polyethylene film packaging, and has a distinct identity, and package weight smaller and easier to carry. Malaysia packaging 33.3kg provided for 40kg.
standard rubber grade scientific, so the classification soon for major natural rubber producing countries and accepted by the International Organization for Standardization, and has established a standard rubber grade standards. These standards is largely the same, but not exactly the same. For example the provisions of ISO2000 is divided into five levels, our standard GB8081-87, provided for the four grades. BACK
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