Reference standards for rubber sheet

all walks of life have their industry standard, rubber sheet reference standards are as follows:

GB/T 528 Vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber-determination of tensile properties.
GB/T 531 rubber plate a hardness test method. Test method for brittleness temperature
GB/T 1682 Vulcanized rubber sheet.
GB/T 1690 liquid resistance test methods for Vulcanized rubber sheets.
GB/T 3512 rubber plate hot air aging test methods.
GB/T 5575 chemical equipment lining plates, not rubber pear.
GB/T 6031 international determination of hardness of Vulcanized rubber plate (30--85IRHD) conventional testing methods.
GB/T 7759 Vulcanized rubber at room temperature and high temperature determination of compression set under constant strain.
GB/T 7762 Vulcanized rubber sheets ozone aging test method of static tension tests.
GB 11176 electrical insulating rubber sheet.
HG/T-2180 natural Vulcanized rubber plates for tank linings.

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