Malaysia losing Western rubber products increased

In 2012, the European Union and the United States from Malaysia imports the slight growth in rubber products than in 2011. Malaysia rubber products in the EU market share of overall growth in total imports showed a decline. By contrast, the United States imports market share fell slightly, imports showed strong growth.
compared with the whole of 2011, rubber product exports to the EU total imports fell 2.6% to 11.3 billion euros. Malaysia only a few specific products that benefit from growth sectors, total imports rose 3.3% 8.24. € 800 million, market share rose to 7.3%, compared to only 6.9% a year earlier. From Malaysia-composite rubber imports rose more than 55%, to 18.5 million euros, the market share increased from 7% to 9.7%. Tire imports rose almost 23%, the market share increased from 0.3% to 0.4%; molded products, and cement products 11.4%, market share increased from 1.3% to 1.4%.
rubber, reclaimed rubber, vulcanization products and tubes also showed strong growth. Gloves and clothing grew less than 3%, and market share rose nearly 58%. Condoms and other general health products 25.3%, promoting increased market share by 11.4%. Sharply declining sectors, including the gum line (its market share continues to shrink), and the rubber sheet, rubber sheet and tape, hoses, transmission belts and retreaded tire.
from the United States point of view, 2012 as a whole increased imports rubber products 9.2%, but Malaysia is not able to derive the full benefit only achieved a growth of 2.4%, against overall market share dropped from 5.6% to 5.3%. United States from Malaysia composite rubber imports surge 67.6%, but its value is still lower than the European Union.
from the country of most products imports amount increases obviously, market share has rose: rubber Board, and film and tape growth has 11.7%, market share by 5.4% increased to 5.7%; hose growth 20.5%, market share by 1.7% increased to 1.8%: drive with growth 20.7%, market share by 1.1% increased to 12%; condoms growth 32.4%, market share by 10.6% increased to 14.2%; and gloves only growth has 1.4%, Market share fell slightly to 53%. Malaysia imports imports falling by more than 50% the gum line and market share dropped almost in half, and by the close 20% to just 13% a bit more.
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