How to prevent the rubber sheet for blooming?

rubber plate in the production and use of the process is prone to blooming, so how do you prevent it?

first, improved rubber
the same ingredients in different varieties have different solubility in rubber, rubber of different solubility parameters are different. In the case of rubber properties meet the requirements, can be used with a solubility of compounds. General ingredients in solubility is greater than NR SR, SR; selection and using similar solubility parameters of raw rubber; used with the desired properties of compounds; measures such as reducing the amount of ingredients to avoid compounding the blooming.
Second, adjusting the ingredients combined with
as in Lithopone use more chromium in yellow-green rubber, vulcanized rubber for a period of time after the white. Spray cream of reasons has two species may: a is sulfide process neutral de powder in the of sulfide zinc met acid class material decomposition generated hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and in the chrome yellow in the of chrome acid lead role, generated sulfide lead, in storage process in the surface sulfide lead was oxidation, generated white of sulfuric acid lead; another is chrome acid lead in the of lead ion and carbonate role, generated has lead white.
added in the formula COUMARONE 5, weighed the resin 5, using the ointment, reclaimed rubber (which contain a lot of larger molecular weight tars) increase ingredients in compound solubility, blooming situation can be alleviated.
petroleum jelly will turn yellow, paraffin oil with low viscosity good paraffin oils containing naphthenic oil is better than pure paraffin oil. DBP or DOP small eye styrofoam easily spray Frost and pine tar or used pine tar and Vaseline would be removed.

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