Development of rubber products in recent years highlights

plastic processing industry in China has been rapid development in recent decades, especially the reform and opening up over the years, average annual growth rate of more than 10%, has achieved great success. In recent years, the development of rubber products in China showed the following characteristics:

(1) plastic tubes and growth rates, China ranks first in the world
data from relevant departments showed that in recent years China has reached an annual rate of plastic pipe 15%, ranking first in the world.
current emissions has reached 62 billion tons of waste water each year, equivalent to the average emissions of 49 tonnes per person per year, most of them directly discharged into rivers and Lakes without treatment, 53% of the pollution of coastal waters. Investigation and evaluation of 163 in the Lake, there are 36 different degrees of contamination, 19 of which are seriously polluted. Therefore, national urban sewage have been turned into national economic development strategies to catch, thus developed and used no leakage, long service life of the drain had become municipal sewage pipe network construction in the future focus on the problem.
this background, great demand will drive the plastic pipe market maintained rapid growth over a longer period of time.
(2) engineering plastic development quickly
current China car industrial development quickly, especially car industrial, each car car in the using engineering plastic reached 60~80kg, also bus, and truck and motorcycle, products in the engineering plastic of application number also gradually growth; building materials aspects, many traditional material is gradually was engineering plastic replaced, and made has good of application effect; household appliances aspects, as TV, and VCR, and computer, equipment material, domestic market huge. The convening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, more engineering plastics in construction, transportation, infrastructure and other applications has opened up good prospects. Favourable investment environment in China, the world's leading engineering plastics group have entered the Chinese market in factories.
(3) foam plastic production in good shape
foam plastic is an important category of plastic products, a variety of, in industry, agriculture, construction and has a wide range of uses in everyday life, with the development of petrochemical industry and the plastic products industry, foam plastic production in our country is growing rapidly. At present nearly 300 foam plastic production enterprises in China, most of which are small businesses.

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