Rubber products: introduction of the sponge rubber products and classifications

sponge rubber products is a porous elastic material, often referred to as foam rubber, foam rubber, rubber or porous, it is the General term for all kinds of rubber with holes structure.

sponge rubber products of varieties range, classification method variety:

1, and bubble hole institutions classification: closed hole micro-hole rubber and open hole micro-hole rubber;

2, and sent bubble magnification classification: low sent bubble and high sent bubble;

3, and rubber matrix classification: NR rubber, and SBR rubber, and DPDM rubber, and NBR rubber, and silicone rubber sponge, and rubber and sponge, and oak plastic and sponge,;

4, and performance and performance classification: soft quality sponge, and Rigid foam, micro bubble foam, conductive sponge, magnetic sponge, water-swelling sponge, composite sponges.

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