About Us

Shandong round rubber products limited is a machinery accessories, rubber products design, manufacturing and sales of professional manufacturers.

we are dedicated to mechanical parts, rubber products, rubber products, silicone rubber products, rubber products, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, ethylene-propylene-diene rubber products development, manufacturing, sales and customer service. Our flat mining management, faster response to customer demand, employees have a good working environment, productivity and quality control has long been recognized by customers, holding from start to finish and work with customers to develop business ideas and win-win with customers to establish long-term relations of cooperation. In terms of product quality, manufacturing technology, delivery, costs, prices and services are subject to consistent customer, customer customer base, service industry has been around the camera, optical instruments, precision instruments, solar, sphygmomanometer, magnetic pump, connectors, plumbing, gas valve, medical supplies and medical equipment and other industries. &Nbsp;

we are a company that is never satisfied with the status quo, a breakthrough fruit, we have to share with employees, customers and suppliers.

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